Knit stitch

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Garter stitch is when all rows are in knit stitch, rather than al­ter­nated with rows of purl. The nee­dle with the cas­ton stitches should be in your left hand and the yarn at the back of the work.

1 In­sert the right nee­dle through the first stitch on the left nee­dle, from front to back (so the two nee­dles are crossed).

2 Take the end of the yarn and wrap it clock­wise over the top of the right nee­dle (be­hind the left nee­dle). Keep­ing the end of the wrapped yarn in your right hand, pull the right nee­dle to­wards you, bring­ing the nee­dle tip in front of and above the left nee­dle: this cre­ates a loop on the right nee­dle.

3 Re­lease the old stitch off the left nee­dle.

4 Re­peat steps 1 to 3, un­til all stitches are on the right nee­dle.

5 Next, swap the nee­dles around and re­peat steps above.

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