The Simple Things


Devotional­s provide space in your day for thought and meditation. Join us for a quiet moment.


A new day always offers the prospect of hope, no matter how dark that hour before dawn. If you can stomach an early rise, getting up with the dawn (around 5.30am at this time of year) is a wonderful chance to consider new possibilit­ies, when anything seems possible.

We often forget that ‘dawn’ has the additional meaning as a verb of an idea forming or becoming clear in our minds, and indeed, this moment of quiet, before the rest of the world is awake, is a time when bright ideas spring to mind, as if they’ve suddenly stepped into the sun. Ever lain awake at night worrying and then just as the birds begin to sing and you give in to the urge to find caffeine, the solution to your problem seems to effortless­ly appear? That’s the dawning of dawn. Or maybe it’s just the effect of a good pot of Gold Label tea. We won’t quibble, but new dawns are a wonderful thing.

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