The Simple Things

Easy does it


Resist the urge to panic-fill your diary and remember that ‘no thanks’ is always an option..

1 Don’t be afraid to say “no, sorry I can’t.” We’ve got used to other ways of socialisin­g and they don’t have to end – if you don’t fancy going out but want to catch up, suggest a video call instead.

2 Take it slowly. You don’t need to see everyone in the first few weeks. 3 Try not to get hung up on being perfect. If you invite people over, suggest everyone brings a dish. And remember that nobody will notice whether you’ve got new fairy lights or outdoor heating – they’ll just be glad to see you.

4 If you feel panicked at the thought of going out, try running on the spot really fast. The feelings of fear change to physical exertion which can calm the body.

5 If a fear of going out is stopping you from doing the things you’d normally do or would like to do, don’t be afraid to get help. You’ll find lots of useful self help on, including how to access therapy. Or talk to your GP.

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