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How to find flea-market treasure


• Get to the market as early as you can. While profession­al dealers, who can arrive earlier than the public, will have snapped up a lot of deals, there will still be plenty of bargains if you get there as soon as the gates open.

• If you’re looking for a specific item ask vendors if they have it, as it may not be on display. If not, ask if they can direct you to a stall that does or who knows where to source it from.

• Be a magpie and be prepared to have a good dig. If you’re looking at jewellery, take a magnifying glass so you can get a proper look and check for hallmarks, too.

• Save money on smaller decorative pieces by buying in bulk. If you choose a few items from one dealer, ask if they'll do a discount – more often than not you’ll get a deal.

• Ask what the dealer’s best price is, then what's their best price for cash. Be friendly and don’t push after they’ve given their deal – you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

• If you love it, buy it! Things go fast and if you don’t grab your finds quickly, the person browsing behind you might.

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