The Simple Things


Enjoy the fruits of your labour with this stylish upcycled planter.


you will need:

Heat-treated pallet*

6 bricks

Landscapin­g fabric (or an alternativ­e material, such as coconut coir) Organic multipurpo­se potting mix

Organic peat-free compost

12 strawberry plants

Handsaw or jigsaw

7.6cm and 3.8cm galvanized screws Safety glasses

Cordless drill driver

1 Begin with a good quality, chemicalfr­ee wooden pallet. Lay the pallet on the ground, upside down. Cut as many of the planks off the back as you can, right up to the wooden spacer blocks, if your pallet has them. Set the planks to one side.

2 Cut the pallet into three equal pieces. Don’t cut through the main planks on the top side, but between them. Remove the spacer blocks from the middle piece (this is optional).

3 Of the three pieces, the top and bottom parts of the pallet will become the sides of the planter, and the center piece will be the bottom. Attach them with the longer screws going through the bottom part and into the spacer blocks still attached to the side pieces. It’s easiest to do this with two people.

4 Use the planks you’ve removed from the back to make up the last two sides of the planter.

5 Place the planter in its permanent position, using four bricks as feet and the two remaining bricks to support the middle section. Full sun is best for growing strawberri­es.

6 To plant, line your planter with the landscapin­g fabric, then fill it with a 50/50 mixture of potting mix and compost up to the first gap in the slats. Cut holes through the material and gently push the strawberry plants through from the inside (everbearin­g,

day-neutral, or alpine strawberri­es are ideal as they’ll give you an extended harvest). Fill the planter with more potting mix and compost up to the next gap in the slats, then repeat.

7 To finish, plant more plants along the top, spacing them 25–30 cm apart. Keep well watered and fertilised throughout the growing season. Replace the planter and plants every few years.

Maker’s note: If your pallet doesn’t look exactly like the one here, it’s no problem. Use the basic principle of cutting it in three and assembling it with the materials you have. Watch an online tutorial on how to make the planter at lovelygree­

 ??  ??
 ??  ?? Taken from A
Woman’s Garden:
Grow Beautiful Plants and Make Useful Things by Tanya Anderson (Cool Springs Press)
Taken from A Woman’s Garden: Grow Beautiful Plants and Make Useful Things by Tanya Anderson (Cool Springs Press)
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