The Simple Things

Turn off, tune in

Whatever draws you in, get the most from forest bathing…


Time it wisely Avoid the crowds and try early morning or mid-week when your patch will be quieter.

Turn off all devices No one needs the distractin­g ping of a WhatsApp to shatter the peace.

Slow down Don’t aim to get from A-B, just let your feet take over, or better still, follow your nose and seek out those deep earthy smells.

Focus on your senses What can you smell, hear, see or feel? You may prefer to stop and sit. Remember, the quieter you are, the more alive the nature around you will become.

Take in your surroundin­gs Studies have shown that shades of green and blue, found in abundance on a clear day in the forest, are proven to help people relax the most.

Breathe Concentrat­e on your breathing with deep breaths in and out, taking in all those beneficial phytoncide­s produced by the trees.

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