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I Belong Here: A Journey Along the Backbone of Britain by Anita Sethi


In 2019, Anita Sethi was subjected to hideous racist abuse as she travelled by train through northern England. Feeling panicked and claustroph­obic, she craved open spaces and fresh air. Armed with maps and a brave determinat­ion to reclaim her right to belong, she headed to the Pennines on a walking trip to rekindle her spirit and to remind herself that beauty and kindness exists alongside vileness. Honest to the difficulti­es of embarking on a long walk – the sore feet, a heavy rucksack and huge hills to climb, she also revels in the sights of ‘giant trees, heathland, moors, meadows and peat bogs’ and their capacity to restore and rejuvenate. Even when people aren’t kind, the sights soothe the soul.

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