The Simple Things

A joy to behold

Reclaim Joy by Eminé Rushton, illustrate­d by Pui Lee


All too aware of how the hustle and bustle of life can carry us far away from ‘life’s golden core, the good, simple, easeful abundance,’ Eminé Rushton (Editor of oh, TST’s sister magazine) has created an inspiring guide to making magic from the most ordinary of moments. From listening to bird song, planting flowers to encourage pollinator­s, treasuring dog-eared books, or making a foraged floral crown. There’s a year’s worth of activities and simple rituals, designed to encourage wonder and curiosity in the world around us, and to reclaim joy in our daily lives – joy which is ‘the very best kind of medicine’ for the ills of a harried existence. (The Ivy Press)

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