The Simple Things

A BIT OF A stretch


Shoulder stand variation Stretches shoulders and neck, calms the nervous system.

1 Lie with upper back on a folded blanket, ending in neck hollow: head on mat, legs outstretch­ed or knees bent. Arms have palms down, next to body.

2 Push lower back into the floor on exhale. On inhale, lift legs up, pressing arms and palms down. 3 Sweep legs over head – use momentum to curl hips up off the floor. Roll on back, shifting weight to upper back and shoulders. 4 Bend elbows and place palms on back. 5 Stretch legs up. Drawing elbows in, walk hands up back to the upper back, to help lift spine. Open chest and draw shoulder blades in. w 6 Relax face, gaze at chest, guiding breath to belly. At first, hold for 30 seconds and build up the time. Bring knee to face for variation. 7 Coming out, lower legs to the floor at about 45 degrees. Then, slowly and carefully roll spine back to floor ( knees bent, if preference), eventually placing feet on floor.

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