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Pour the juice from a lemon into 1 litre orange juice with no added sugar (either chilled or freshly squeezed). Gather 10 to 12 elderflowe­r heads and shake to free from dust/small insects. Cut off the stems with scissors to add to the juice. Cover, leave to infuse in a cool place for two days or more (the longer it's left, the stronger the flavouring). Strain through a sieve into a pan, squeezing the flowers as you go. Add 700–800g jam (gelling) sugar or normal sugar plus pectin (adjust amount depending on sweetness of orange juice and taste), and bring to the boil. Boil for several minutes, stirring frequently, until setting is reached, ie big fat drops fall from the spoon (or do the setting test on a plate). Fill pre-warmed jars to the rim, screw on the lids and turn upside down onto a tea towel. Cover completely with a bath towel. Leave for 10 minutes, turn jars back up and allow to cool down slowly under the towel. Extra tasty on scones. Recipe courtesy of @lottis_kitchen

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