The Simple Things



It’s 'sole' destroying wearing uncomforta­ble shoes. Try these ideas to stride out with style

SIZE THEM UP: seriously, are the shoes actually the right size to begin with? BABY STEPS: begin by wearing at home, for limited amounts of time. SOCK IT TO THEM: sport some chunky socks with them to help stretch their material, therefore making rubbing less likely. Leading on to… STRETCH IT OUT: Hacks for stretching shoes include blasting leather pairs with a hairdryer as you wear (with the socks), or with non-leather shoes, trying a plastic bag of water in each toe in the freezer overnight. Clarks, meanwhile, suggest the easier strategy of tying your laces tightly. Or take them to a cobbler and ask them to stretch them for you. You can even buy a spray to help. PREVENTION RATHER THAN CURE: Moisturise feet to reduce rubbage, apply deodorant for warmer weather sweat and try surgical tape on rub prone areas to walk, run or skip away happily.

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