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Transsexua­l caged again

- By Graham McKendry

A TRANSSEXUA­L criminal who was born male has been locked up in a women’s jail.

The move came as it was revealed serial offender Katelyn Findlay, born Stuart Kelly, was previously accused of carrying out a sexual assault on a female inmate.

Findlay was sentenced to 10 months after flying into a drunken rage and terrorisin­g families in a cafe.

The 20-year-old screamed “Is it because I’m a tranny?” when she was asked to leave the Harbour Arts Centre in Irvine, Ayrshire, by staff.

Trouble had initially flared when Findlay asked a group of men “What the f*** do you think you’re looking at?”

Police later tracked down her and pre- op transexual Stacey McLean, 16, who was also involved in the incident.

Findlay will serve her sentence at Cornton Vale female prison in Stirling, as she has been living as a woman for at least three years.

A prison insider said:“Nothing has changed in Findlay’s circumstan­ces and as far as the prison service is concerned she will be treated the same way.

“However, her lawyer has admitted her last time behind bars was problemati­c and that was before the accusation of sexual assault.”

Findlay has 21 conviction­s for crimes including dishonesty, racially aggravated harassment and sexual offences.

In June 2013 she was caged for six months after admitting robbing David Aitken of house keys and a phone sim card.

She also admitted resisting arrest and shouting, swearing, and violently struggling with three police constables.

It was while serving this sentence Findlay was accused of the sex assault on another prisoner.

The attack allegedly happened in a cupboard on the prison’s Ross Hall wing.

A spokesman for the SPS said: “We don’t comment on individual cases. There are establishe­d policies in place for such occasions.”

In December pre-op transsexua­l killer Paris Green was moved out of Cornton Vale after claims he had sex with other prisoners.

Green – who used to be known as Peter Laing – had only been sent to the prison five weeks earlier after being convicted of murder.

Two years earlier male-born Nicola Wilson, 23, caused a storm when she was locked up in Cornton Vale despite not having completed the sexchange process.

 ??  ?? Katelyn Findlay.
Katelyn Findlay.

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