The Sunday Post (Dundee)

Distraught Daley can’t explain diving disaster


TEARFULTom­Daley was heartbroke­n after watching his gold medal chance plunge out of sight.

He was at a loss to explain how his bid for Olympic gold unravelled so spectacula­rly last night.

He came last in the semi-final after boldly claiming he would be satisfied with nothing less than gold from his individual event.

The 22-year-old from Plymouth said: “I don’t really know what went wrong.

“I’ve been feeling so good. Training’s been going really well, I’m in the shape of my life.

“I was fighting until the end.

“When it came to the last dive and I needed 9.5s and 10s, I know I can do that.

“I gave it my everything and tried my absolute best. It’s just heartbreak­ing to think that four years of hard work and effort . . . it’s tough to accept.”

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