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Pisa nonsense from some Italian troops


I HAD a Roman holiday last week which also took in a wee trip to Pisa.

I romped round all the ancient ruins, cathedrals, basilicas and museums – fantastico!

I ate too much pizza, pasta and sampled a lot of their lovely Tuscan vino – magnifico!

I also sadly accepted the fact that hotels around the world haven’t mastered the simple task of toasting bread and that streaky bacon is, well, minging!

The one major disappoint­ment of this wonderful trip, that took a while to sink in, happened when I was queuing at the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

A very innocent, bagless, Muslim family of three were rigorously searched, as we were, but denied entry by gun-toting troops because the mum and six-year-old daughter refused to take their face-free headscarve­s off.

So sad, intolerant and bigoted. A stupid and unnecessar­y response to the terrorist threat that only fuels resentment and hatred.

On a happier note I had the obligatory photo taken of me holding up the Tower!

Well when in, er, Pisa . . .

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