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Incredible tales of twins whose lives were mirror images


IT’S often said that twins enjoy doing things together, but some sets take it to a whole new level.

In 1998, identical twin sisters Diane and Darlene Nettemeier met identical twin brothers Craig and Mark Sanders. After love blossomed the couples took a trip to Las

The two Jims. Vegas where they got engaged on the same day and married soon after in a joint ceremony. They then built homes side by side in Texas and Diane and Craig even went on to have identical twins of their own!

Some twin tales simply defy belief. Take the incredible case of Jim Lewis and Jim Springer. Born in 1940, the boys were adopted by separate families in Ohio. Both married twice – first to women named Linda, then to women named Betty. Both had sons named James Allen. Both owned dogs named Toy.

After reuniting in 1979 it turned out they had the same hobbies, including having woodworkin­g workshops and a fondness for Chevrolets.

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