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Lois Lane hunts for Scots roots


SUPERMAN actress Margot Kidder is trying to trace her Scottish roots.

Margot, 67, who played Lois Lane in the 1978 Superman movie would love to trace her family.

The star was born in Canada but knows her family tree can be traced to Scotland.

Speaking on a visit to Glasgow, Margot said: “My great grandmothe­r Mary Pyne came from Scotland

“It’s not a common Scottish name so I’m keen to find out more about her and where she was from so I can go visit that place.

“I’m a Heinz 57 sort of gal. I have Welsh, Irish, English and Scottish in me.”

Margot has turned into a real-life Lois Lane in recent years after becoming a political activist and journalist.

 ??  ?? Margot Kidder.
Margot Kidder.

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