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EVEN Olympic long jump medallist Greg Rutherford would struggle to bridge the yawning gap which now exists between Kezia Dugdale and Jeremy Corbyn.

The Scottish Labour leader has returned to her original assessment of the veteran left-winger – that he’s no good for the top job – and is set to back rival Owen Smith. In truth, the move is no great surprise but how she navigates the endorsemen­t is critical.

The divide in Scottish Labour’s ranks over who should be UK leader has been relatively peaceful, practicall­y harmonious if you compare it to the bitter fallout elsewhere.

But if Dugdale goes too far and effectivel­y tells the bulk of her rank and file members their choice is a reckless one, she could create an unwelcome firestorm on her doorstep.

Dugdale is a canny operator but she will have to work out a new way of working with UK Labour if, as expected, Corbyn wins.

There can’t be any more flip-flops but perhaps expect a few sidesteps in the months to come.

 ??  ?? Kezia Dugdale.
Kezia Dugdale.

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