The Sunday Post (Dundee)

Charles’ son was ‘his pride and joy’


IAN is making a remarkable recovery from an injury which normally paralyses victims, and often leaves them able to only breathe and speak.

During his recovery, Ian was hit with the terrible news that his brother Charles had died.

The former Ross, Skye and Lochaber MP died aged 55, after a long battle with alcoholism.

“It was distressin­g losing Charles because he was much loved by his family and many in his constituen­cy,” Ian said.

“He had spent the previous week with his son Donald, now 10, at the croft. Charles doted on Donald and they loved watching old Charlie Chaplin movies together.

“It was obvious Donald was his pride and joy.”

The youngster, with his mop of red hair, is his dad’s double.

The former Lib Dem leader was estranged from his wife Sarah and divorced after eight years’ marriage in 2010.

“Sarah keeps in touch and is keen to keep Donald aware of his father’s roots,” Ian added.

“They come up to the croft on holiday and it is a joy to see him grow up.”

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