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Five minutes is a wee bit ambitious, Victoria


HOW long does it take a woman to “put her face on”?

Five minutes, according to Victoria Beckham. Believe that if you will. I bet Mrs B spends a bit longer putting the slap on than that of a morning before she faces the world. But last week she claimed it took just three steps in her daily routine before the mirror to look that good.

The 42-year-old mum of four was promoting a range of make-up via a video posted on Instagram.

Yes, there may be quick and easy ways to put your best face forward with a few handy hints from a celeb, but we all know it comes down to the methods we’ve used for years.

Cleanse. Tone. Moisturise. The three basic principles of looking after your skin.

Eye make-up and lipstick takes a bit of time to get right. I admire women who can twirl the mascara wand without getting dabs of the stuff on their eyelids.

So – a bit longer than five minutes, Victoria.

But thanks for the advice.

 ??  ?? Victoria Beckham.
Victoria Beckham.

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