The Sunday Post (Dundee)

Customers stirrup some surprise


IF you go to a fast food joint and don’t want to get out of your mode of transport, you’d probably head for the drive-through.

The problem is, there’s no “ride-through” in most places, so what happens if you’re on a horse.

One man in Texas solved that problem by simply riding his steed into a Taco Bell Mexican takeaway.

Cowboy Lathan Crump (who has the best name we’ve ever heard) finished a rodeo last week and fancied some burritos. So the 19-year-old simply rode his horse, Hollywood, into the restaurant.

Crump’s stunt made him internet famous overnight, after he shared on his Twitter account.

Though the sight was somewhat surprising, police won’t take action unless somebody files a complaint.

Sounds like the hungry horse was neigh bother . . .

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