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Are charities too aggressive these days?


THE British R ed Cross has b een condemned b y watchdogs for using aggressive fundraisin­g practices. The Informatio­n Commission­er’s O ffice criticised the charity for ‘hounding’ donors on the phone despite the fact they were on no-call lists. We asked our Email Jury what they thought of charities’ tactics.

The Red Cross are no different to any other charity as far as I can see. As for phone calls, my phone is set not to take unknown numbers so I’m not bombarded from charities.

Robbie Russell, Elgin.

I hate it when they come to your door and ask you to sign up for a monthly direct debit. I only give to charities that support issues close to me otherwise I’d have no money! They make me feel guilty for not donating. It’s totally wrong.

Fiona Reid, Forfar.

I support a number of service charities and have never felt pressurise­d. If I were contacted and asked to give more I would stop. Ronald James, Kirriemuir.

There is more pressure nowadays, especially in shopping centres where charities are allowed to operate. You can be approached many times in a week. James Walker, Glenrothes.

I find charities can be very aggressive nowadays and deeply resent the obscene salaries taken by some of their chiefs. I still give to some but never give them my address or phone number, putting “withheld to avoid a bombardmen­t of appeals” on the form. Liz Kelly, Glasgow.

The worst I have come across was donating by cheque at a funeral. The charity must have asked the family for our details and we were bombarded for years with begging letters despite ignoring them. I feel it should be my decision what I give and to who. Elizabeth O’Regan, Lincoln.

My husband and I have our chosen charities and we support those as much as we can. If any charity phones they are asked to remove our number from their lists because if they phone a second time we will stop supporting them altogether. Lorna Smith, North


You only need to have given once and then you are caught forever. I particular­ly don’t like those who send gifts like pens or raffle tickets. It is moral blackmail. David Collin, Yorkshire.

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