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Laura’s tough time with cop role

- By Bill Gibb

THE MISSING was one of the most gut-wrenching dramas of the past few years.

While it was being filmed, the writers were hard at work and One Of Us is the result, a complex four-part BBC 1 drama sure to have viewers just as gripped and involved.

Adam Elliot and Grace Douglas are childhood sweetheart­s, just back from their honeymoon, when they are brutally murdered.

Their families, neighbours in the remote Highland village of Braeston, are devastated.

But their world is turned upside down when, the night after the killings, the murderer arrives on their doorstep. They find him badly injured in a car crash, leaving them with a dilemma over what to do.

“It’s a compelling psychologi­cal thriller that keeps you guessing until the very end,” explains Scots actress Laura Fraser, who plays a detective investigat­ing the slayings.

“Juliet has been a detective for quite some time and probably takes her job far too seriously.

“Her daughter is suffering from a rare form of cancer.

“Juliet crosses the line in order to get money quickly that her daughter really needs.

“She was desperate and the decision will start a spiral of destructio­n and devastatio­n in their lives.”

Laura says it was tough to get into the right state of mind to play the troubled copper.

“Being a mother for nine years really helped me prepare for this,” she reveals.

“Unfortunat­ely, in my head, I had to live in a place where I was imagining my daughter very close to death.

“That coloured my whole performanc­e, even when I’m investigat­ing the crime everything is being brought back to that.

“She’s under a horrible black cloud and it’s pretty grim.”

One Of Us, BBC 1, Tuesday,


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