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Mum and son swept away after water games turn into deadly drama

- By John Paul Breslin

A MUM and her six-year-old son have perished on a family day out to the seaside.

Three other people were taken to hospital following a major rescue at Aberdeen seafront.

Eyewitness­es saw people playing in the water before tragedy struck.

A MOTHER and her young son have died after a day out at the seaside ended in tragedy.

Emergency services raced to the scene around 4.45pm yesterday after reports of several people in the water at the beachfront in Aberdeen.

In total, five people were rescued by police and a lifeboat crew.

Tragically, a 37-year-old woman and her six-year-old son were later confirmed to have died in hospital.

Last night, a 13-year-old boy, thought to be the woman’s other son, was still being treated at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary alongside a 25-year-old woman and a 28-year-old man.

The drama is said to have occurred after the mother and her two sons got into trouble while playing in the water at the beachfront.

They were on a flat stretch of sea wall that runs the length of the beach when they got into difficulty.

Witnesses said selfless members of the public put themselves in harm’s way to try to rescue the family.

One onlooker, Claire Lewtas, said some of the group were playing a game where they let waves splash over their heads.

The last seconds may have been captured on video before tragedy struck.

Ms Lewtas said: “They were standing at the bottom of the slope bit down to the beach.

“They had their tops off and were letting the waves come over the top of their heads. There was a woman with them either videoing it or taking pictures.

“I was going to go down and tell her it was unsafe but I didn’t want to interfere so my husband and I left with my son.

“On the way home a friend contacted me saying there had been an incident down the beach

This will bring shock and sadness to the city of Aberdeen and further afield

and someone had been dragged into the sea.

“I only wish I had said something to her.”

Martin Vicca, owner of the Inversneck­y Cafe, which directly overlooks the area, said everyone was in shock.

He said: “The tide was all the way in and at that point it would be reaching six or seven feet up the sea wall.

“There’s a sloped bit of the sea wall then there’s a wee flat bit then a vertical drop. They were on the wee flat bit.

“The first police car that arrived tore down the slope and straight

 ??  ??
 ??  ?? Emergency services at the scene of the rescue attempt.
Emergency services at the scene of the rescue attempt.

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