The Sunday Post (Dundee)

Ghosts... or a trick of the mind?


TOM ROBERTSON has spent a lifetime investigat­ing the paranormal after seeing a ghost when he was just seven years old.

Now 80, there’s little Tom hasn’t seen in a spirited career stretching across eight decades.

But he’s quick to point out the difference between a ghost and a poltergeis­t.

“Ghosts are people coming back from the dead but poltergeis­ts emanate from the living,” Tom, from Lanarkshir­e, said.

“They’re usually brought on by a major change in someone’s life and the brain is so taken by surprise that it goes into shock and starts acting out.

“The person won’t realise they are doing these things that are happening all around them.

“I remember being called out to a case in a room and kitchen decades ago, where there were pieces of coal jumping out of the pail by the fireside and flying across the room.

“The woman in the house thought it was haunted, but after my associate put her young daughter under hypnosis, we realised she was the cause of the strange disturbanc­es.

“It can be frightenin­g, but eventually the brain will catch up and settle down.”

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