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It may be a Mini car but it has a massive number of fans


TO say Mr Bean was inept is an understate­ment, but he did have good taste in cars.

Many episodes of the comedy starring Rowan Atkinson saw the lovable character making his way around his neighbourh­ood in a Mini.

The car first appeared on our roads back on August 26, 1959, and went on to become one of the bestsellin­g British vehicles in history.

Created by the British Motor Corporatio­n and designer Sir Alex Issigonis, it was only 10 feet long, but could sit four adults – thanks in part to the fact that its side-mounted engine allowed for more room.

This is a car that many people have taken to their hearts and when it celebrated its 50th anniversar­y in 2009, the Royal Mail commemorat­ed the occasion with a limited edition collection of stamps.

The Italian Job, starring Michael Caine, is famous for its one-liner: “You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!”

But the movie also gave us a famous car chase, with some Minis disturbing the peace in Turin.

Production on the original, iconic, model was halted in 2000, by which point, there had been 5.3 million produced.

 ??  ?? Mini: A marvel.
Mini: A marvel.

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