The Sunday Post (Dundee)

Women who are 40+


PROBLEM: As women approach the menopausal years they are dealing with all three types of ageing – genetic, hormonal and environmen­tal. Even women blessed with great genes will now start to see genetic and hormonal ageing. Hormonal ageing comes as a result of the gradual shift in your hormone profile and symptoms include a loss of elasticity, medium-to-deep wrinkles and dry and thinning skin with a dull or lacklustre tone.

SOLUTION: Dr Murad said: “This group of women should exfoliate and celebrate their glow! Slough off dulling dead skin cells to brighten the complexion and stimulate healthy turnover of cells. And remember, a complexion with a dewy glow looks healthier and more youthful.”

TRY: Murad’s Intensive Age-Diffusing Serum

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