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Ripper Street


The Victorian crime drama, set on the streets of London’s notorious Whitechape­l still haunted by the horrendous crimes of Jack the Ripper, returns with the first of a two-part story.

Three years have passed since Detective Inspector Reid (Matthew Macfadyen) left Whitechape­l for quiet life by the sea with his daughter.

However, he soon finds himself drawn back to east London when he learns Isaac Bloom, a Jewish mathematic­ian who helped him on two previous Whitechape­l investigat­ions, is set to hang for murder before the week is out.

We’ll also see the return of Joseph Mawie as Detective Jedediah Shine, last seen in the season two finale

Meanwhile, Drake (Jerome Flynn) investigat­es the killing of an Indian man at the docks.

BBC2, 9pm, Monday

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