Don’t cut food out, sim­ply cut it up

The Sunday Post (Dundee) - - OPINION -

Some­times, the sim­plest things can have the big­gest im­pact.

For years ex­perts have worked to try to find a solution to Scot­land’s grow­ing obe­sity epi­demic.

Low-fat di­ets, high-pro­tein di­ets, low­carb di­ets, the Atkin’s diet, the cave­man diet. You name it, we’ve all tried one or an­other.

Now, it seems, one an­swer may lie in a lit­tle bit of trick­ery. By sim­ply cut­ting up food into lots of pieces we may be trick­ing our brains into think­ing there is more on the plate.

And by eat­ing from a smaller plate it could even feel like you are tuck­ing into a ver­i­ta­ble feast!

It cer­tainly wouldn’t be dif­fi­cult – or too costly– for any fam­ily to give this a go.

Let’s face it, there’s noth­ing to lose ex­cept a few of those pounds.

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