They told us our dad get­ting can­cer af­ter his trans­plant was just dread­ful co­in­ci­dence...but that wasn’t true

Daugh­ter re­veals fam­ily’s loss, shock and anger

The Sunday Post (Inverness) - - FRONT PAGE - By Mar­ion Scott

The first vic­tim of a dou­ble trans­plant tragedy, who died af­ter get­ting can­cer from his new liver, can be re­vealed to­day. Tom Tyre­man, 63, died af­ter get­ting an or­gan from the same donor who gave a kid­ney to Pauline Hunt, 49. Since his death, she has been di­ag­nosed with the same lethal can­cer.

Mr Tyre­man’s fam­ily were not told his new liver had given him a ter­mi­nal ill­ness un­til weeks af­ter his death in Fe­bru­ary. Sur­geons ini­tially in­sisted he must have al­ready had can­cer. How­ever, a post mortem on the dad of two re­vealed he had con­tracted can­cer from the liver do­nated by a 57-year-old woman. His widow Judy, 63, said: “Un­til then, we’d been re­peat­edly told that Tom must have had bowel can­cer be­fore his op­er­a­tion. “The sur­geon in­sisted Tom must have had the can­cer even though he’d been taken into the hos­pi­tal to un­dergo three days of test­ing and been given a clean bill of health be­fore the trans­plant could take place.”

Mr Tyre­man’s daugh­ter Emma said: “We were told dad must have had can­cer be­fore he got his trans­plant, or it was some kind of ter­ri­ble co­in­ci­dence, but that wasn’t true.”

The truth emerged af­ter Judy called the New­cas­tle Coro­ner’s Of­fice sev­eral weeks af­ter the post mortem. She said: “They told me that DNA tests car­ried out at Tom’s post mortem proved the can­cer cells were fe­male and had

Six days af­ter his trans­plant, Tom Tyre­man sits in a chair in his hos­pi­tal room – un­aware that his new liver has al­ready given him ter­mi­nal can­cer.

His widow Judy took the pic­ture in the Free­man Hos­pi­tal in New­cas­tle.

She said: “I only took the photo be­cause I hoped to buck him up down the line and show him how far he had come once he was on the road to re­cov­ery. “But that mo­ment never came. It’s so hard to look at it now.” Tom’s fam­ily say they feel “badly let down” by the hos­pi­tal and the NHS Blood and Trans­plant ser­vice. They say they had to drag ev­ery ad­mis­sion from doc­tors and only learned last week that an­other trans­plant pa­tient, Pauline Hunt, had been given the same ag­gres­sive can­cer by her new kid­ney.

Judy re­vealed no­body from the trans­plant team got in touch un­til the night be­fore Tom’s fu­neral.

She said: “I sus­pect they only got in touch then be­cause a fam­ily friend who was also a pa­tient had been at a clinic that day and was ask­ing if they’d been in touch with us.

“It was as if they just didn’t want to know us once things started to go wrong.”

Tom’s sis­ter Jane said: “We have been turn­ing our­selves in­side out try­ing to get to the truth about what re­ally went on and why Tom died the way he did. “When we dis­cov­ered there was an­other fam­ily af­fected too, it was a shock. “No­body had men­tioned that oth­ers had been af­fected. “There’s been too much se­crecy over what hap­pened.

“I don’t think for one mo­ment Pauline and her fam­ily and our fam­ily would even have got to know about each other, never mind get­ting to sup­port each other, if the Sun­day Post hadn’t told us.

“We’re heart­bro­ken for Pauline and her fam­ily and what they have ahead of them.

“It’s al­most a year since both Tom and Pauline had the trans­plants that will end both their lives.

“We’re still strug­gling to come to terms with los­ing my big brother. He’s left a huge hole in all our hearts.”

Tom Tyre­man, at wed­ding of his son Jonathan last year, died af­ter his trans­plant

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Tom Tyre­man in hos­pi­tal af­ter trans­plant op­er­a­tion

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