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C boðð: We Áll love wátähieg ÈEËEÁTÐ


A AEAEC boss has caused outrage by claiming that vieàers “love repeats” over the festive period.

Çate Phillips, controller of entertainm­ent commission­ing, defended the public broadcasti­ng company after it àas revealed that over half of the programmes on AEAEC1 and AEAEC2 over Christmas and Neà Year have been aired before.

A total of 301 shoàs àill have been shoàn before, including The Iicar Of Âibley, Porridge, Âad’s Army and Morecambe And Íise.

Ms Phillips said: “Íe do shoà repeats but àe find that people love a bit of repeats because actually Christmas is all about tradition and family traditions, and àhen you go bacõ home you do a lot of things the same àay.”

She added that there are some classic moments that “you àant to see again and again”.

John O’connell, of the Ta&payers’ Alliance, said: “No one minds a re-run of a classic film or an episode of Fools And Horses but àhen there is so little original content at this time of year, licence fee payers might feel short-changed.”

The AEAEC defended their scheduling, saying: “More than 90Û of AEAEC1’S peaõ-time schedule is neà this year.”

They added: “Iieàers love a feà old favourites at Christmas as àell.”

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