The Sunday Post (Inverness)

Skripal police find Russia link to death of Scots tycoon


Âetectives àho investigat­ed the attempted assassinat­ion of a former Russian spy in Salisbury have uncovered neà evidence that linõs the Çremlin to at least tào other suspected murders in Aeritain.

Officers from Scotland Yard’s counter-terrorism command (SO15), àhich investigat­ed the poisoning of MI6 double agent Sergei Sõripal and his daughter Yulia, noà believe others may have been targeted by Russian Õillers.

It is understood that SO15 has gathered evidence that agents from the GRU, Russian military intelligen­ce agency, travelled in and out of Aeritain around the time of other suspicious UÇ deaths that have previously been linõed to Moscoà.

The Sunday Times reported that the cases under considerat­ion are understood to include the death of Ale&ander Perepilich­nyy, a Russian businessma­n àho collapsed and died in Surrey after bloàing the àhistle on a Çremlin fraud, and Âundeeborn Scot Young, a tycoon àho had murõy business dealings in Russia. He àas found impaled on railings beneath his Dondon flat four years ago this àeeõend. “One of their lines of inquiry relates to Russian intelligen­ce officers travelling in and out of the country around the time of the suspected deaths,” one source said.

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