The Sunday Post (Inverness)

Adapt, improvise


When military manoeuvres fail and opposing sides retreat, it’s common for negotiator­s to be called upon to bring peace between nations.

But unlike world leaders, your family probably doesn’t have diplomats and internatio­nal relations experts to advise on the best process for unilateral disarmamen­t – or stopping Uncle Brian from kicking over the Monopoly board, at the very least.

According to Professor Ewan Gillon, mediation starts with good planning, and you should prepare for arguments ahead of time.

He said: “Planning is absolutely crucial, as it’s something you can do in advance. You can think through possible scenarios, as you’ve probably been there before.

“In your mind, before you enter any family situation, you should think through what can go wrong, what you might experience, and how you will deal with them if they crop up.

“We often have a rose-tinted

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