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And overcome to win Christmas


view and think, ‘Well next time it might be better’ - and it might be. But if it’s not, you need to think about what tools you have at your disposal to manage the situation.”

If tempers do flare, Professor Gillon’s advice is to quietly retreat from the situation, taking time to reassess and remain calm. “Think about what you do and what you contribute to conflict, and work with your own style to prevent things escalating,” he explained.

“I you feel you get very angry when you argue with people, try to develop ways of removing yourself from the situation – take a timeout.

“If you ever feel you’re getting upset of angry, go and sit in the car for five minutes.

“When everyone smoked that was the easy excuse to get yourself out of a bad situation! And it really worked because you can step away and de-escalate.

“Removing yourself from the situation really helps.”

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