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Scott’s family surely deserve better than this?


God forbid that any of our families ever suffer the awful ordeal being endured by the Calders.

Their young son Scott, a man respected, liked and much-loved by those around him, was found dead on the shoreline after a night out.

As many of our readers will know The Sunday Post has continued to ask questions regarding the circumstan­ces surroundin­g his death.

Our inquiries began after police admitted that officers had picked up Scott after being alerted to the fact he was drunk and wandering in the middle of the road; a risk to himself.

For reasons that have never been disclosed officers dropped him at a bus stop, deeming him fit enough to make his own way home.

Tragically, he never completed that journey.

Now Police Scotland has released new informatio­n that changes the story.

A family liaison officer had originally told Scott’s dad the young man was dropped at a bus stop outside the Co-op in Port Seton.

However, after The Sunday Post contacted police this week to tell them we had seen video footage that showed no police car outside the Co-op on the night in question they released a new statement.

That said Scott was actually dropped at a bus stop farther down the road closer to the sea.

It beggars belief that this important informatio­n – which police say they establishe­d early in their inquiries – was never passed to the Calders.

This family lost their boy, for goodness sake.

While the new informatio­n does provide another piece of the puzzle it doesn’t answer one crucial question. That is why officers decided Scott was fit enough to walk off alone given witnesses had earlier warned he was at risk of being killed by a passing car?

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