The Sunday Post (Inverness)

Gosh darn it!


Not being so agile as I used to be, I asked a friend to get me some darning wool, and gave her two differentc­oloured socks I wished to darn.

She has a friend who runs a market stall in our local area, but when she asked for darning wool, she was told, “Oh, nobody darns socks nowadays”.

However, she did get the required wool.

My question is, if people don’t darn socks, what do they do with them?

– Monica Blood, Notts decision to “withdraw” from the Paris agreement and the new president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, has signified his intent to withdraw from the accord. This is expected to lead to other nations pulling out of the Paris agreement.

It is ironic that the two-week UN climate summit is in Katowice, Poland, “the coal capital” of Europe, and that the Polish government has just announced plans to open a new coal mine.

There is clearly no global willingnes­s of 183 countries to treble CO2 reductions despite all the alarmist prediction­s, but the UN no doubt will dress up the conference as a success. The UK and Scotland, two of only a handful of nations to have legallybin­ding Climate Change Acts, should repeal them, slash renewables subsidies and grow the economy.

– Clark Cross, Linlithgow

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