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Making happy couples say cheese...doesn’t come naturally


Tracy loved her life as a wedding photograph­er, sharing and capturing, couples’ happiest days.

She said: “It’s always a privilege to capture a couple’s special day and create those photos that they will look back on fondly for years to come.

“And, of course, to see people so in love. “I’ve worked on so many lovely weddings and experience­d some lovely moments.

“You can feel like the third wheel standing taking pictures while people are being all lovey-dovey, but that’s what the job is all about.

“I always tell my couples to think of those romantic moments in movies that give you goosebumps because that’s the parallel you’re trying to create.

“It’s easy to be in love, but the reality is it can be hard work to create the fantasy you see in the photograph­s.

“Some couples can pose radiantly with ease, but others are nervous of the camera and trying to act ‘naturally’ isn’t natural at all.

“Like when you ask a groom to put his hand tenderly on the bride’s face and it ends up being a rather clumsy affair.

“But it’s a fantastic job, especially when you see the finished results.” Mum-of-two Tracy also sees behind the scenes – and says sometimes weddings aren’t as glamorous as they look.

“It’s a very polarised six hours where there’s a lot going on.

“And while the bride and groom and their guests are having the time of their lives, suppliers are fixing disasters.

“I’ve seen cake makers in floods of tears because the cake has been damaged in transit, and florists with bleeding fingers. “The hard work that goes into making everything run smoothly is certainly something that’s kept under wraps.

“I’ve had some disasters too – like a bride’s veil blowing off into the Forth – and her telling her new husband to go and get it! Brides falling off chairs and blades getting stuck in cakes…but sometimes it’s the bits of a wedding you didn’t plan that make the best pictures!”

 ??  ?? The big picture on the big day
The big picture on the big day
 ??  ??
 ??  ?? A life behind the lens has been an eye-opener for Tracy
A life behind the lens has been an eye-opener for Tracy

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