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Dear June

December 29 marks the second anniversar­y since the death of our youngest son at only 22 years old. He was diagnosed with bone cancer after they discovered a tumour growing in his leg.

He fought hard over the years with surgery and various non-invasive treatments. I held his hand when he died.

A few days before, he made me promise not to worry about him. I wish I hadn’t, as it’s one I have not kept.

Can you give us some reassuranc­e that he is OK?

June Says

For a parent, the loss of a child is one of the hardest griefs to bear. There are many of us who made promises to a dying loved one we fully intended to keep, but realised later we were unable to uphold. Those now on spirit side can fully understand why.

It is natural for a mother to worry about her son after his passing. The concern from a mother towards her children will continue throughout her life even if they are in spirit. I sense your boy was a very brave young man who was determined to live a full life to the best of his ability. I can feel him draw closer as I connect with you. He was lucky enough to be a part of a very close family who pulled together to support him as well as each other during the turbulent times.

Do you have an Irish connection? I hear Irish music being played, as if I am listening to a happy gathering of people singing and laughing.

I feel they are connected through family.

I sense your son made it safely over and is with them. I am being shown a picturesqu­e country scene (Ireland?) containing many shades of green, as if the photo has been taken from an aerial view point. I loved them both dearly in very different ways.

I wonder who will be there to meet me when I die.

Liz, Stonehaven.

June Says

This is a question I have been asked many times over the years. There are many, like you, who having lost their life partners have continued on with their lives and been Christine & John, email. Your son gained his strength from the family love and support you all gave. He was a well-liked, popular young man and this reflects on the many who gathered to pay their respects to him at his funeral.

He knew he was dying and, as he neared the end, he had no fear of death. He was aware you were all with him at the end (four people present at his passing?) and felt total peace. Closure was given to him for his transition from this life to the next.


He was extremely brave and before his death he completed the most fearless of tasks irrespecti­ve of his condition.

He did a skydive for a cancer charity in Ireland two months before his passing and loved it, so we organised for him to do it again.

This would be the aerial picture you saw.

We have many close family members who live in Ireland and we get together each year.

He had a peaceful passing and told us he was not afraid of dying.

The four of us were with him at the end – myself, his dad and his two brothers. lucky enough to meet someone else special. We can love many people in many different ways in our lives and our loved ones in spirit would want us to live a full and happy physical life.

We will be reunited with all of our loved ones but the one chosen to collect you would be the one you always felt was closest to your heart.

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