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Mums are always there


Dear June

You have mentioned passed loved ones might make contact on special dates.

I had a strange experience on my mother’s birthday where I saw her sitting in my lounge in the evening. I watched her for some time and then she disappeare­d.

Glynis, Lerwick.

June Says

On special dates like birthdays, anniversar­ies and Christmas, loved ones from the spirit side of life know how much they are missed by those they had to leave behind.

Sightings of close loved ones who have passed mostly occur on dates of a personal nature as a sign to let us know they remain close and will continue to share those special times by our side. Your mum knew how much you missed her on her birthday and wanted to let you know she would be close by.

I sense a determined character with your mum and feel once she set her mind on a task, she would have done her utmost to see it through. Family connected to her on spirit side would have helped by sending her extra energy required, which would’ve allowed her to stay for a while. (Most sightings of loved ones are glimpses gone instantly, but leave their image imprinted on your mind).

Irrespecti­ve of what age we are, our mums will always be there to look after us and will continue to surround us with that unconditio­nal love we yearn for after they’ve physically gone. Your mum managed to let you know she is close and that is a wonderful gift to receive.

Dear June

I met my first husband when we were both at school and we married at 18.

We were together for 27 years and had two sons. He passed away 17 years ago.

I met and married again five years after his death but I lost my second husband last year.

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