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I’ll be getting all Tanked up on Hogmanay


’TISthe season of Santa, snow . . . and sitcoms!

I’ve been dropping hints for the past few months but now I can finally confirm that I’m going to be part of Gary: Tank Commander’s crew this Hogmanay. He dropped in for a visit, but didn’t bring his tank with him.

Not that it would have bothered anyone – have you seen the size of some of the Humvees out here?

I can’t give too much away – but I had a magic time with Gary Mclintoch (Greg Mchugh, actually) on his visit.

Be sure to tune in on Hogmanay. Also making an appearance is Guardians Of The Galaxy and Doctor Who star Karen Gillan.

I’m guessing most dads would prefer she was their first foot for 2019 rather thanme!

I’m a huge fan of Gary: Tank Commander, nearly as much as I’m a fan of Will & Grace.

The iconic sitcom is back after seemingly going off the air for good in 2006.

Being a massive fan of the whip-smart one-liners I was delighted when the show was renewed for a further three seasons. I got to sit down with the four stars – played by Debra Messing, Eric Mccormack, Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes last week.

Debra, who plays Grace, revealed that the four of them are almost like the other Fab Four when they all get together. “Eric was doing a Broadway show in New York, and he and I went out for dinner,” she told me.

“I will never forget us walking in to a restaurant and sitting down, and the whole restaurant being shocked. “‘Wait, that’s Will and Grace…’. I think their heads exploded!

“When the four of us are out it’s not quite The Beatles but we get a lot of attention.”

Even the stars of the show are stunned it made a comeback.

“TV series back then seemed to run for a while – Friends was in its seventh series back in 2001,” said Eric, who plays Will. “I would have believed we had a good first run, but this revival thing didn’t happen.

“Things died and that was it. “So when this came back it came back for all the right reasons.

“Shaun asked me the other day, ‘How long could you do this?’

“I said, ‘I could to it for a while’.” Long may it continue.

And if you’re looking for any guest stars for the show, Eric – well, I know a man with a tank!

 ??  ?? ▼Will... and Gary? Above, with Greg and, top, Eric.
▼Will... and Gary? Above, with Greg and, top, Eric.
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