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I’m a shell of the man I once was. Mesh destroyed my life


Before he received a mesh repair for a groin hernia, mechanic John Mcfadden bagged 90 Munros across Scotland. Now he struggles to bend down and has suffered five years of intolerabl­e pain. John, from Lennoxtown, said: “When I went to get the hernia repair, nobody explained there could be complicati­ons and I certainly wasn’t told about mesh or given any alternativ­e.

“Today, I’m a shell of the man I once was. If I didn’t work in our family business I’d be unemployab­le because I’m always having to rest up or take time off because of the pain. “Mesh has destroyed my life,” said John, 39. John has spent the last five years being prescribed the strongest painkiller­s available, and has lost count of the specialist­s he has seen. He said: “Nobody wanted to believe mesh was the problem until one specialist actually admitted that it was and the reason they use mesh is that it’s quicker and cheaper and less experience­d surgeons can carry out the procedures.” Just over a year ago John finally persuaded his consultant to remove the mesh. He said: “I’m still in agony and suspect there’s mesh still left inside me. I’m thinking about having a private ultra-sound scan in England.

“If surgeons here can’t remove mesh, they shouldn’t be putting it in. “Scotland needs the ultra-sound equipment to see where mesh is inside patients, and we need surgeons with the skills to remove mesh implants without causing further nerve damage.”

 ??  ?? Mechanic John Mcfadden
Mechanic John Mcfadden

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