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Expert: Watchdog is more of a lapdog


Regulators with responsibi­lity for keeping homes safe have been branded “lapdogs not watchdogs” by experts. Professor Rory O’neill of Liverpool University School of Law and Social Justice accused the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) of outsourcin­g investigat­ions and downplayin­g risks. He said: “The

HSE deferred to public health agencies, outsourced investigat­ions, downplayed risks, abandoned transparen­cy and embarked on a near complete enforcemen­t holiday. “Concerns raised by workers have been routinely ignored or resulted in victimisat­ion of whistleblo­wers.”

University of Stirling’s professor Andrew Watterson claims government failures during the pandemic have led to deaths. He said: “The failure to recognise Covid as a serious hazard continues to have serious repercussi­ons, but still the government drags its feet on prescribin­g it, and long Covid, as an industrial disease.

“In Scotland, the lack of an effective occupation­al health and safety regulatory body to control Covid has been devastatin­g.”

 ??  ?? Andrew Watterson
Andrew Watterson

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