The Sunday Post (Inverness)

Bloody history inspired Sirwalter


At its start, the route up Ben Vorlich passes through the grounds of Ardvorlich House.

It was built in 1790 by Robert Ferguson on the site of an earlier castle, some of the walls of which were incorporat­ed into the new structure. For 400 years it’s been the seat of the Stewarts of Ardvorlich. The current owner is the 15th laird, Alexander Stewart. The house was visited by novelist Sir Walter Scott and is said to be the inspiratio­n for the castle Darnlinvar­ach in his 1819 novel A Legend Of Montrose.

The story is set during the 1640s, while the Civil War raged in England. In Scotland, the Earl of Montrose led a campaign against the Covenanter­s, who had sided with the English Parliament. Legends associated with Ardvorlich provided Scott with inspiratio­n for his plot, including the dark tale of how Macgregors killed John Drummond and cruelly presented his head to his sister, Lady Margaret of Ardvorlich.

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