The Sunday Post (Inverness)


- with Horace

1. In what year was scientist and Second World War hero Alan Turing born?

2. What was the name of the container ship that blocked the Suez Canal for days last month after running aground?

3. Haggis is traditiona­lly made using which animal’s lungs?

4. Beginning with H, what was Margaret Thatcher’s middle name?

5. Which dog breed of spaniel was named after a king?

6. Which city has been capital of Turkey since 1923?

7. How often in the UK is a census carried out?

8. Which nationalit­y is singer-songwriter Neneh Cherry?

9. The Inuit live around which ocean?

10. Which Victoria played Pam Ewing in Dallas?

11. Diana Prince is the secret identity of which superhero?

12. Who wrote The

Amazing Adventures Of Kavalier & Clay?

13. Aneto is the highest point in which European mountain range?

14. Which Austria-born movie star served as governor of California?

15. What colour is chlorophyl­l?

16. In which country was Joan of Arc born?

17. Who plays Cassie in Sky comedy drama The Flight Attendant?

18. All Saints’ Day is celebrated in which month?

19. Broadford is a village on which island?

20. What is a brigantine?

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