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Say what you want, Spiteri’s resolute style and talent is what counts


Sharleen Spiteri is feeling very proud of herself – and she has every right to be. As the front woman of Texas she is celebratin­g a hugely successful career that spans over three decades and 10 albums – including the six-time platinum White On Blonde. But what makes this achievemen­t all the sweeter is that she can look back and say she did it on her own terms.

When P.S. caught up with the singer last week she recalled the early days of Texas when male music executives would make derogatory remarks about her appearance.the reason? Because she didn’t fit their cookiecutt­er idea of what a female pop star should look like.

She tells us (on pages 6&7) that around the time she signed her first record deal one label boss questioned her sexuality because she “dressed like a boy”. It’s almost laughable now but Sharleen was then barely out of her teens and those remarks could have had a devastatin­g impact on someone just starting out in their career.

So, did she conform? Did she hell. She stayed true to herself and dressed any way she pleased, even dragging up as Elvis in the stunning music video for 2001 hit Inner Smile.

Like other great front women before her, such as Patti Smith and Chrissie Hynde, Sharleen’s talent speaks for itself.

She possess the kind of star quality that only comes from being comfortabl­e in your own skin and taking your rightful place in the world. She may be playing the boys at their own game – but she is playing by her own rules. And we love her all the more for it.

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