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Parties’ playtime as they reveal plans to protect physical and mental health of children

Young people are a priority after year of lockdown


Scotland’s political parties have revealed their plans to get the country’s youngsters active again after a year of lockdown.

The parties suspended election campaignin­g yesterday because of the death of Prince Philip but had earlier outlined their proposals aimed at increasing young people’s activities and protecting their mental health.

The SNP has promised to double the Scottish Government’s spending on sport and active living to £100 million. Scottish Labour has proposed a Summer Comeback Pass giving young people free access to sport, transport, outdoor activities and culture. And the Scottish Lib Dems would give doctors more powers to prescribe access to sports and exercise facilities. The pledges follow concerns over the mental health toll of the Covid-19 pandemic and soaring sales of unhealthy food during the lockdown.

The SNP has promised to double Sportscotl­and’s current funding of £33.7m and Active Health Lives funding of £15.4m by the end of the next parliament. It would ask Sportscotl­and to develop a new national activity plan, with a focus on more involvemen­t of women and girls.

The party would also make the Active Schools programme free for every pupil, stopping any charges currently levied by councils for the school. The programme, which has been running for 10 years, provides physical activity before and after school and during lunchtime.

Mairi Gougeon, Public Health and Sport Minister, said: “This year has been particular­ly tough for those who, like me, enjoy getting outdoors and playing our favourite sports.

“It has been particular­ly hard for our young people, who have been unable to go out and play with friends or see their teammates at their sports clubs. “That is why the SNP is pledging to double our sports budget to £100m to re-energise and re-invigorate sports and active living.

“Our commitment to make Active Schools entirely free everywhere will bring sport and physical activity into the playground and ensure every child in Scotland has the ability to play and stay active no matter the financial barriers their family may be facing.” Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar, detailing the Summer Comeback Pass, said there should be funding for school trips to outdoor activity centres for all young people over the next two years.

Labour also pledged that pupils have at least one week away at an outdoor centre, as well as increased support for outdoor skills training.

Sarwar said: “Parents across Scotland will be worried about their child’s physical and mental health after over a year of lockdown.

“There is nothing more important than our children’s education. Our Summer Comeback Pass would strengthen children’s mental and physical health by providing free access to sport, transport, outdoor activities and culture.” Meanwhile, the Scottish Lib Dems have set out proposals to expand GPS’ powers to prescribe free access to sport and exercise.

Scottish Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie said: “Over the past 12 months people have made huge sacrifices. Many have struggled to eat healthily and missed out on opportunit­ies for exercise.

“The Scottish Government needs to tackle this hidden health crisis with energy and vigour. This is especially important for children and young people where healthy habits establishe­d early can stick for life.

“Scottish Liberal Democrats will invest in sport and promoting healthy lifestyles as part of a package of measures for preventati­ve care.”

Last week, the Scottish Conservati­ves announced a commitment to doubling Sportscotl­and’s budget over the course of the next parliament to support both grassroots and elite sport.

Leader Douglas Ross said he backed the Uk-wide 2030 World Cup bid and that his party would develop a Road To 2030 strategy for grassroots football.

The Scottish Greens will pledge to expand outdoor learning, including a guarantee of at least one one-week residentia­l outdoor experience for every primary and secondary pupil.

The party would also invest in grassroots sport, to provide free access to sport and physical activity for children and young people.

 ??  ?? Sport is being targeted in party manifestos as young people’s health becomes a priority
Sport is being targeted in party manifestos as young people’s health becomes a priority
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Mairi Gougeon
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