The Sunday Post (Inverness)

Building Britain’s…



6.00 MILKSHAKE! 9.15 JEREMY VINE. (S) 11.15 BUILD A NEW LIFE IN THE COUNTRY. (R) (S) 12.15 5 NEWS AT LUNCHTIME. (S) 12.20 OUR B&B DREAM. (R) (S) 1.15 HOME AND AWAY. (S) 1.45 NEIGHBOURS. (S) 2.15 FILM Killer Holiday HHH (2018). Thriller, starring Jacob Young. (S) 4.00 RICH HOUSE, POOR HOUSE. (R) (S) 5.00 5 NEWS AT 5. (S) 5.30 NEIGHBOURS. Brent tries to find his ring at the Willis house, but runs into a problem. (R) (S)

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