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Researcher­s: More women are suffering


Women are five times more likely to suffer Long Covid than men, according to the latest research by Glasgow University.

Seven in 10 patients needing hospital treatment for Covid suffer symptoms up to five months later, with middle-aged women more likely to endure ongoing problems.

Dr Tom Drake, a research scientist and surgeon, said: “Research showed that women under 50 are five times more likely to experience ongoing fatigue and breathless­ness.

“These were patients severe enough to be treated in hospital but not all were ill enough to be admitted to ICU. They were followed up for an average of 223 days and we found that acute fatigue and breathless­ness were a lot higher than expected. Depression and anxiety were also evident.

“Around 82% reported fatigue. Not all of them had previous illnesses before going on to develop symptoms.

“We know that ongoing inflammati­on in the body can cause fatigue and breathless­ness.

“Women have a more robust response to fighting off infection and it could be that this overdrive reaction is what is causing the symptoms of fatigue and breathless­ness.

“More research is needed to find out if this is the case, another cause is responsibl­e or the symptoms are driven by a combinatio­n of this and others factors.

“Research is also needed into whether a patient’s genetics makes them more susceptibl­e to getting chronic postCovid viral illness.

“Ongoing symptoms after surviving Covid is not driven by age or existing illnesses in patients, unlike survival from the virus.”

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