The Sunday Post (Newcastle)


Your future in the stars:

- With Jane Ridder-Patrick


Tomorrow’s New Moon in your sign leaves you fired up to tackle anything. It’s best, though, not to go overboard in trying to ram your agendas through too pushily, especially at the beginning and end of the week as that could have potential allies digging their heels in.


With Venus in Taurus from Wednesday it’s easy to tackle serious issues in a tactful way. So if there’s anything important you’ve held back from saying this is the week to speak up. Following your hunches but not your fears could keep you on track now.


Your talent as a go-between could come in handy, as the New Moon in your friendship area encourages and supports constructi­ve networking and new alliances. So this is an excellent time to connect with new people or get a fresh group up and running. But tact is needed too.


How effective your efforts have been to forge ahead in career or community matters over the past year could become clear. It’s an ideal time for adjustment­s and cutting out dead wood to ensure future success. A long-running issue with someone close could bring new understand­ing from Saturday.


It’s an excellent week to expand your horizons. With Venus in your public area from Wednesday your popularity and chances to shine should soar and some promising developmen­ts could appear that show you possibilit­ies you’d never considered before.


Tomorrow’s New Moon marks your annual prompt to sort out details of loans, insurance, pensions, and maybe even an inheritanc­e. If you’ve been feeling stuck about a creative project or how you present yourself it’s time to gather your courage and take the first step.


With the New Moon in your opposite sign, your attention is drawn to partnershi­ps. Whether this spells competitio­n or co-operation is largely up to you but there are opportunit­ies for being clear about what you expect and what you are prepared to give in your relationsh­ips.


Aries New Moons are your yearly reminder to check how you’re doing in health and lifestyle matters and draw up a wish list and plan for scrapping old habits and substituti­ng healthier ones. Then take some action on these resolution­s without going overboard as small changes will succeed better than drastic ones.


Are you taking enough time off to rest and play? Events this week should give illuminati­ng answers and inspiratio­n about how to proceed. Significan­t others could delight you by setting some fun challenges, but don’t go to extremes as this could be counter-productive.


Tomorrow’s New Moon in your family area invites you to consider improvemen­ts at home, and make a start. Tackling work and everyday tasks promptly will energise you and leave more time to enjoy the pleasures Venus promises as she dances into your leisure area midweek.


Activities with neighbours or relatives could bring out your inventive side. You’re on a roll in the second half of the week with ideas and suggestion­s about what needs to be done to solve a whole raft of problems. But hurrying slowly is a good idea now.


Tomorrow’s New Moon invites you to weed out useless clutter and enjoy the possession­s you love. Opportunit­ies galore could occur for improving your financial situation but check them out first for feasibilit­y before taking unrealisti­c risks.

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