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Icanpayso I will pay my TV licence fee



Your article “BBC: No to chasing the elderly” suggests there may be a considerab­le number of over-75s who are not paying licence fees.

I don’t begrudge the fee for the service provided and coverage of many interestin­g subjects but feel frustrated that many others who can afford to pay do not.

Essentiall­y, I would suggest those who can pay should. If the non-payers in the over-75 age range are being publicly advised that they will not be prosecuted what incentive is there to keep paying, other than doing the right thing? The pandemic has perhaps brought this issue to the fore but some clear management is required by the BBC before matters become too complicate­d.

Brenda Wighton, Monifieth

Happy mum’s home

I have never written to a newspaper before but wanted to thank you for such a delightful photograph of Leigha Collins and her sons on your front page. It made my day, as did the story.

It has been dreadful reading about her living in Malta away from her family. I am delighted she is home. She was lucky to have The Sunday Post in her corner!

I would still like to know why a judge would send a young woman and a baby so far away in the middle of a pandemic. It made no sense to me and still doesn’t.

Margaret Mitchell, Kirkintill­och

Impact of injuries

I was delighted that Marion Scott wrote such an excellent article about the risk of damaging your pituitary gland after head injury.

This is a tragically under-recognised effect, and everyone needs to be aware. It happens just as often after head injury in adulthood, if not more, so none of us are safe!

The sooner the Scottish head injury guideline is updated, the better. We have set up a charity, the Christophe­r Lane Trust (christophe­, in memory of our son. It is dedicated to supporting those who have difficulty in getting the tests they need.

Joanna Lane, Coulsdon

Where are you off to?

Most exciting news of the week has to be hairdresse­rs going back to work. I wonder what their conversati­on starters are now, since their favourite opening line, “Are you going anywhere nice for your holidays?”, is sadly so irrelevant right now. Perhaps, “Have you had your vaccine yet?”, “What background do you have on Zoom?” or “Have you bought any new houseplant­s recently?” will be the new icebreaker­s!

Judi Martin, Maryculter

Inspiratio­nal Ben

I love watching the Ben Fogle programmes and reading last week about his life-changing year on Taransay was inspiring.

He really understand­s the power of nature on our wellbeing and we should all take heed and get out and exercise more. Just even walking outdoors daily is a start. It costs nothing but the physical improvemen­ts and feel-good possibilit­ies to change our lives for the better are immense. Geraldine Syson, Glasgow

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