The Sunday Post (Newcastle)

Em@il JURY

With fewer young people learning to drive today, have cars lost their appeal?


As everything is geared towards electric cars, fuel and road tax will increase. Fewer cars is better for the environmen­t.

Billy McAndrew

After the pandemic, it will be a long time before public transport is an acceptable way to travel, meaning more cars back on the road.

Derek Donald

No, there are far more cars than when I passed my test. Most families back then had one car. Now every adult in a home has one.

Ian Fraser

Driving is no longer the rite of passage it once was. Now, I see plenty of young people on public transport, walking and biking. Things change.

David Tulanian

It costs a small fortune to learn and sit your driving test today and after that, insurance costs are prohibitiv­e.

Donnie Arthur

Yes, more people are cycling and that’s good for the environmen­t.

Lionel Fardy

Driving isn’t as necessary or enjoyable today. Our infrastruc­ture is abysmal, and road maintenanc­e is non-existent.

Jim Malone

No, cars trump public transport every time.

Edmund Stewart

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